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Community Rules:

Do not post about yourself, this group is about the recognizing of deserving others.

Yes you can post about someone on your friends list.

No trolls! People who troll will be unceremoniously and immediately banned!

Critiquing: Constructive and helpful only. Negative commentary is of no value.

DO NOT upload photos or artwork onto these pages that belong to other people. The only photos allowed are those posted by the 'Recognized' themselves, which are more than welcome but in fact hoped for! :). Links and commentary only. The object is to showcase talent not to swipe it!

Drop your find a comment or an e-mail letting them know they've been recognized! Remember to leave a link.

Any person finding themselves featured in this community who does not wish to be, please contact a moderator and that post will be deleted.

No blatant pornography.

No spam!

Maintained by paigegirl

Community Goals:

This is a treasure hunt! Have you seen somone whose style simply rocks your world? Then share with us! A poem, an essay, a single thought provoking photograph or a series of them? Then link us up! Who are you watching on Live Journal that's producing something unique? This is a forum to honor creative people, the platform is wide and all mediums of expression are acceptable.

Happy Hunting!