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For Crossing Party Lines

My favorite LJ community is liberal, but why? There are a ton of political communities on LJ, sadly what most of them have in common is a tendency to close ranks and a whole damn lot of preaching to the choir ensues. Among liberal's members are not only those who identify with liberalism, but also democrats, republicans and libertarians. This is what makes it better than the rest. Opposing opinions are welcomed and you can expect to be challenged.

From the user info:

This community is an open and welcoming community. We're happy to include persons of all ages, genders, sexes, sexual orientations, nationalities, and even appreciate hearing various political perspectives. If you're here to argue, do so respectfully. One cannot develop a set of ideals without those ideals being challenged now and again.

Be respectful and learn something. This isn't a community for liberals to sit around and say "yup" and "I agree" while patting each other on the back. Discussion and respectful debate is, for the most part, the point of this community. If you don't like your views and thoughts to be challenged, I suggest you look elsewhere. Enjoy!

User Info

All this being said marxist_thug is recognized as the current maintainer of liberal and for keeping the peace.

the_lance, hazy_shadows and kylebee are recognized for crossing party lines, civility under pressure and reminding us that we are ideological opponents and not blood enemies.

-Peace Baby
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